May 21, 2009

Ear Rubbing/The Look

Dustin told me last night that I have two signature "moves/looks".
1st-I rub his ears way to much.
When I first met Dustin, I noticed that he had really nice, big, and very soft earlobes! I loved to touch them and rub them between my two fingers. Over the years, rubbing his ears have become sort of a security blanket for me. When I'm tired, bored, nervous or maybe having a hard time, I love to rub his ears! Its gotten to a point where Dustin will offer to let me rub his ears when he notices that I'm freaking out! haha
While Christa was taking pictures of us a few weeks ago, she captured a picture of me doing it!

2nd- I also give "The Look"
I give this look when I'm trying to tell Dustin that I'm not fooled by what he is telling me. Usually, I'm saying "Dustin, Please"!(Please meaning..I don't think so or you're not fooling me) And just like in the picture, Dustin is usually laughing at me and not taking me serious!!

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EvNic said...

lol, I love it, and both of those are so true! They make me think of u Brit!