October 25, 2014

Ward Halloween Party!

Dustin and I took the kids to our ward Halloween Party!
This is our second week in our new ward. Last week the East Stake split boundaries. When we moved into our new house last October, we were in Clovis 3rd Ward and now we are in Sierra Vista Ward. We are excited for the change. 
The kids and I dressed up as "Pirates"! Mallory saw this dress the other day when we were at Costco so we got it! Colty is still little enough where I can choose for him so I got him the Jake & the Netherland pirates costume, also from Costco! Cheap & Easy. I ordered this fun shirt off Etsy for Sawyer. Dusty didn't want to dress up but he wore a black shirt to match me!

My sister and baby Cash came too! The kids loved seeing him dressed up as Daniel Tiger!

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