October 11, 2014

October Random Pictures

Here are a few of my daily pictures from the month of October. 
I love our every day life as a family. These are the best days of our lives!
Mallory and Colty wrestling! They love to attach each other!

I've been watching Cash in the mornings before work for my sister while she is at school. 
I didn't have work this particular day so I took all three kids to the library for story time! They did great!

Dustin's new work office. He moved from the downtown PGE building to the new one off Bullard & First. PGE gave tours to the families. The kids were excited to see where Daddy works!

Colty pretty much loves to eat anything and everything! His new favorite is Salad! He loves "dip-its" He likes different sauces and dressings for everything now. This was one morning when I couldn't convince him to eat anything else for breakfast! :)
My mom "Nonna" has been watching all 3 kids every Tuesday. She is so fun with them! I love getting these pictures text messages when they are out and about! She braved McDonalds all by herself! She said they ate great!

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