October 28, 2014

Pumpkin Carving!

We went to my work friend Becky's house this year again to carve pumpkins!! This is at least the 4th year we have done this! Mallory really enjoys Becky's 11 year old daughter Camryn so its a treat to go and spend time with them! 
We carved pumpkins and ate pizza!! Such a fun night! 
Dustin always carves the pumpkin and this year Mallory chose what he was going to carve. 
She chose Cinderella! It turned out great! I should have gotten a better close up!

All the kids!
 Brixton (4), Colty (2), Cami's friend, Brynley (3), Cody (13), Cami (11)& Mallory (4)

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