December 18, 2013

Preschool Christmas Party!

Mallory has the sweetest little preschool class!! I escaped work for a bit today to join her class Christmas party.
She has made some nice friends! She especially likes this girl, Elly!!

The class does a "Show & Tell" every week and I was excited to watch Mallory! She brought this mini toy doll house. She was very excited about it! Mallory is a bit more shy in public than she is at home but it's extremely cute. She gets all nervous and has to have Mrs Haroldson start the presentation to the class. Once she got started though, she did awesome! So proud of our girl!

The picture above is Mallory showing Mrs Haroldson where the "Number 4" is on the board! She had to think for a second but then found it!! Love watching her learn!!

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