December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve Dinner

Christmas Eve morning, Dustin and I took the kids to Old Navy to get a little gift for Mimi Kim. I had gotten all of the Christmas shopping done weeks ago but Dustin forget to get his Mom something. Colty was obsessed with this fake dog. He kept giving him hugs and kisses. It was the sweetest thing ever!! Afterwards we met my parents and ate at the Habit Burger! We had a nice morning as a family!

This year, Dustin and I decided to make a Christmas Eve dinner and invite my family over! 
We made a nice ham, funeral potatoes, glazed carrots and salad. I forgot to take pictures of that but I did take pictures after. My Dad, Brent, and Shaun played on Dustin's new XBox 1.

After dinner, Dustin and I let our kids open a few gifts!!

Baby Cash & Colty were being so cute together! Cash kept trying to share his banana with Colty!

We gave Mallory a new stroller, princess slippers, a table for her to color or make a tea-party and a few new clothes.

We gave Colton this slide/activity center, a couple of new pairs of shoes, a golf ball baby set and some clothes.
We got Nonna a new shirt for work and a gift card. Brooke & I got my Dad a new tool box!
We had a wonderful night!

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