October 18, 2013

Weekend Pictures

A few random pictures from this week/weekend! 
We had Sunday dinner at my parents house. Mallory and Colton love to see baby Cash. They are so fun all together!
The kids and I went to Cami's school carnival with Jaclyn and her kids!
We had a great time doing the cake walk, digging for dinosaurs, toss the football through the toy and bounce the ball on the fish bowls

 We even saw Snow White! :) Mallory was excited but acted shy of course!
We started a little reward system this week. Mallory got a piggy bank and we're giving her coins for doing good things and for being a good listener. She hasn't been too crazy but sometimes in the morning she just wants to do her own thing like watching TV or playing and ignore me! Ha.
Mallory is loving this so far. She helped me unload the dishwasher, fold the wash clothes, and get dressed the first time I asked. :) After this week, we're going to head to Target and let her pick something with her coins!
So Colton hated the car for the first 8 months of his life but he has been doing sooooo much better the past few months! I used to use my phone to play him videos off YouTube and then I started bringing the Ipad in the car. My mom saw what I was doing and told me to buy a DVD player for the car so we were going to but she happened to have one from a rode trip they took last year! Yay! So now the kids can watch any movie they want in the car! It's great!! Colt is soo happy here and Mallory is intensely watching her show! :)
We hit up Costco again this week!! The kids love the free samples and I'm addicted to this berry smoothie right here. Apparently so is Colton! He loves all food soo he would! Also I love the double carts so I may or may not pick up extra items I wouldn't normally buy in bulk but it's much easier than going to two places. :)
The fire station by our new house had a open house/fire safety event this weekend!
The firefighters gave out free hats, stickers, coloring books and had bbq hamburgers!
Auntie Brooke, Uncle Shaun and baby Cash came too!! Yay! 
We even all got to sit in the backseat of the fire engine! 
My cute kids and the fire truck! (Daddy was at home trying to organize the new house)

We had a fun weekend!!

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