October 10, 2013

Saying Good-Bye!

Today we said good-bye to our 1st home!!! It's been a very bitter sweet day!
Dustin and I were fortunate to purchase this home 4 years ago! When we first moved in we were soo excited! The house was bigger than any apartment we had ever lived in and had a 3rd bedroom. We loved it!! We had a great time the first year remodeling it! We took out all the blue bird wallpaper and painted the rooms different colors. We removed the pink carpet and Dustin laid down laminate floors and new carpet! It was so fun!
We painted one of the spare rooms a neutral green, praying to Adopt a child in this house!
We got a room ready and brought Mallory home from Tennessee to this house!
We watched her crawl, say her first words and learn to walk in this house.
We prayed and cried many nights in this house for Colty. I laid down after Invetro for 2 months with my feet in the air in this house for Colty.
We brought Colty home from the hospital to this house!
Colton also learned to sit up, crawl and say Momma in this house.
This home will always have a special place in our hearts. I know it will for me!
This is also the home where Papa Dave had his heart attack.
That has been rough for everyone the last 3 months but especially for Dustin and for that reason, it is time for us to move on.
Dustin is at a new job and I am in a better position at my job.
We are so blessed.
We are excited for a new ward, a new stake, a new part of town, a brand new home, and a great elementary school for Mallory and Colton!
The Alamos House!
 February 2009-October 2013

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