October 27, 2013

All things Halloween

For the last 3 or 4 years, our little family has carved pumpkins with the Underwoods!
We have a great time, eating and hanging out! Jaclyn and her kids came this year too!!
Here's Brynley (2yrs) and Cody (12yrs)! 
Mallory (3 years), Colton(1yr) & Cami (10yrs old)
Here's a picture Cami posted on her Instagram of Colton when we carved pumpkins last year and then this year!! Crazy how they both look so different after 1 year!!
Daddy and Colton!! :) 
Cami and Mal playing in her Cami's room. 
Jackie, Becky and Dustin carving the pumpkins!
The kids when we were all done!!
Cody/Jaclyn's is Mike from Monsters Inc, Dustin/Mallory did Dracula and Becky/Cami did Ghosts!
This weekend we went to our new ward's Halloween Party.
Mimi Kim is going to be gone next week for Halloween so she came with us so she could see the kids in their costumes.

Mallory wanted to wear her Ariel costume. She is obsessed with mermaids and in particular the tail and her long hair! :)


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