July 12, 2013

Bryan David/ Papa Dave

I've been trying to write this post now for 3 days.
I'm still in shock and am having a hard time putting into words everything that has happened this last week. My heart breaks for my sweet husband.
Papa Dave, Dustin's father, passed away last Friday night from congestive heart failure.
This came by surprise. Dave had been in the hospital 10 days before and had a pacemaker put in but has since been feeling good.
Dustin and I had planned to go out to dinner with our friends so we had his parents come over to babysit. They were over at our house for about an hour just visiting before we left and then David  woke up from his casual nap on our couch because he was having trouble breathing.
(sparing you details here)
The ambulance came and David was rushed to St. Agnes hospital. Dustin drove his mom there and I waited for my mom to come over to watch the kids so I could meet up with Dustin.
David passed away in the ambulance before he even made it to the hospital.
We were in shock. We are still in shock. It doesn't seem real.
The funeral was exactly a week later. The services were very nice. I enjoyed a lot of the stories! I hadn't heard most of them before. Dustin has been very strong. He was been great at being there for his mom. I know that he is having a rough time but he doesn't show his emotions too much. I'm grateful for the moment we've had together over this past week that have brought us closer.
My children looked adorable!


So many great friends and family came from so far away to support Dustin. 

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