July 7, 2013

3rd Birthday Chalkboard

Mallory looked so cute today for church so I took her picture a day early!!
Love her many faces!!

Here she is on her actual 3rd birthday!!
Mallory is 35 1/2 inches tall and 27 1/2 pounds!
(I measured & weighed her myself because she doesn't have another physical until she is 4 years old)
I asked Mallory what her favorite things are right now instead of me just guessing and she said:
1. Mermaid Tails! I don't know why but she is obsessed with them!! She likes to pretend she doesn't have feet and swim like a mermaid.
2. Mini Ponies- Mallory loves to ride the horses!! We take her to Famers Market and let her ride them. I love to see her soo happy!!
3. Barbie Movies- We now own or have on our DVR all the Barbie movies but especially the ones that have mermaids or fairies in them! She can watch the same one 50 times and it's still not enough. (She did this with Tinkerbell too)
4. Princess Hair- She loves the long Ariel princess hair! She has that wig and Nonna got her a Tangled/Rapunzel wig that she loves to walk around in. Soo cute.  
5. Kissing Colt- Mallory is soo lovey. She likes to attack Colton all the time. She kisses on him and hugs him. Its adorable.
6. Reading Books- We love to read around here! Before bed, we read at least 2 or 3 books. I have to hide a few because she has had me read it to her so many times, I have it memorized. Crazy girl!

Love our fun-loving, sassy, wild girl!!!

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