March 16, 2013

Mimi Kim's Birthday & Weekend Update!

Dustin went out to town for work on Wednesday night so me & the kids went to Dusty Buns Bistro with Mimi Kim & Papa Dave for dinner!
I went out to dinner with some girl friends from church on Thursday night to Dusty Buns! (again..ha!)
(I also took Mallory to Music Time & I went to work for a bit)
The kids and I cuddled Friday morning in my bed for a little bit!
 Rocked both kids to sleep for their afternoon naps!
SOOOO THANKFUL I am able to manage to get them both to sleep for the same two hours everyday! I may have to rock Mal for a bit but hey, it works!
Love to snuggle these sweet kids!
(Dustin fixed the sprinklers, we went out to lunch, picked up our taxes, got Mimi a birthday gift, played in the backyard with the kids & Dustin picked up gun stuff)
Friday night we went to Todd Beamer park with Nonna & Papa to watch Uncle Brent play Rugby!
While we were there we got snow cones! Yum!
  Saturday, Mallory nursed and rocked her baby to sleep! (Silly girl but so cute)
 Colty practiced sitting up on his own! He's getting better everyday!
 Colton has been eating more "real" food! He seems bored with mushy baby food so we've been trying baby cheetos & vanilla puffs! He loves them! He even whines for more! So funny!
Saturday was also Mimi Kim's 53rd Birthday! The whole family went out to Red Robins for dinner then back to our house to open presents & eat cake! Yum!
Very fun & busy week!
Sunday was St. Patrick's Day! The kids looked super cute in their outfits! I'll write a seperate post about that!

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