March 20, 2013

6 Months Old!

Mr. Colton is 6 Months Old today!!!
He is growing sooo much! Love his little personality and his chunky legs!
Colt is loving to sit up on his own now & play with toys on the ground!
He still gets a little wobbly and falls over on his side but then he continues to play on his stomach! Colty is so easy going like that! (A big change from 3 months ago!)
 Colton has been trying to escape from his bassinet! I've been putting him in the bassinet to play while I do my hair or use the bathroom or whatever and this week, he tried to get out!! He was up on his knees, leaning over the edge! Oh no! I guess I can't leave him in there alone anymore!
 This is Colton's favorite toy! He loves how the flowers light up and sing!
 Colty loves to be naked like his sister! As soon as I take his pants & socks off, he gets all giggly!
 Colty is sitting up in his 6 Month Chalkboard picture! Yay!
(Sister must be included in everything, so she just plopped herself down right next to the board! Silly girl! )
Colton's next physical (and shots :( ) are next week so I will be able to post some better stats but for now I weighed him myself and he is 17 pounds! Yay!
I'm pretty sure its all the food he eats!
Colton loves to eat! He is becoming quite the little grabber! He follows my fork from my plate to my mouth and tries to grab whatever I have! We have been feeding him more and more off our plates. He loves more of the "real" food better than the smashed baby food! He enjoys peas, baked potatoes, and strawberries!
Love our boy!
Took Colton to Dr Jones for his shots & physical!   
He is looking great! He is 17 pounds! He is 6 pounds lighter than Mallory! That's hilarious!
He did great with his shots! He barely cried this time and napped when we got home!

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