March 24, 2013

Kynan's Endowments

Aunt Ashlie came to visit from Utah! Yay!
Dustin's sister Kynan took out her endowments this weekend in preparation for his mission to Canada! So glad Ashlie was able to make it for Kynan's special day!
Malllory sure did have a good time playing with Ash!
Mals and Ash played on the swings!
We ate at Dusty Buns! (Of course!)
We ate at Sweet Tomatoes after the Temple on Saturday. It was so nice that Ashlie's In-Laws were able to join us! John rocked Colty to sleep so I could eat! Stephanie & John are so nice!
Mallory traded in Sydne for Ashlie as her new best friend for the weekend! It was hilarious! 
We also ordered North India food one night. We got Asian back rubs, went to the grocery store, and Mallory spent the night and then we met up at Cheesecake Factory for lunch! We also celebrated David's birthday on Sunday at Kim's house. I gave a talk at church on Sunday too on prayer! My parents came. It was nice!
So glad we were able to have such a fun weekend with family!

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