April 6, 2012

Easter Pictures

I took a few pictures of Mallory and baby Bella at our friend Pam's house! Last year, I took Mallory to the mall where I paid $35 for her to scream while the photographer took a picture of her with a freaky fake Easter Bunny! Pam has 2 bunnies of her own so she said we could take a few pictures of Mallory holding them in her backyard! Mallory had a blast, but I'm sure Rodney (the bunny) did not love being strangled to death!

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Ashley and Tyson said...

Mallory is too cute! I love all the pics! I just read your baby #2 news! I'm so happy for you guys! I can't imagine what you've been through with your infertility! You're such a good mommy! I can't wait for you to have another! :)