April 3, 2012

13 Weeks

So I am officially off bed-rest and back to work! I have been busy working and being a mommy to Mallory so I haven't been very good about decorating my chalkboard every week like I hoped to! Dr Mason let me go off of the fertility/hormone medications when I was 12 weeks so that has been making me feel 100 times better! I also lost 5 pounds or so. I think that happened because of the morning(all day) sickness and because I was able to stop the hormone pills! I went to two Dr appointments this week! I went to Dr Mason's and he said everything is looking great! He said my subchoronic bleed is basically gone, which is great! He did a quick ultrasound and said the baby is looking good! I also went to Dr. Helms office this week for a more in-depth ultrasound that helps to check or any problems that the baby might have. Here are a few pictures from that appointment!

The ultrasound tech also gave us some fun news! She said we can't quote her on it or start buying clothes but she thinks the baby is a BOY!! Yay!! We would honestly be happy with either but I would really like to have one of each and have a boy for Dustin to do boy things with!! Yay!

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