April 8, 2012

21 months old

I love to take pictures of Mallory but it is a struggle! She is always on the go and has no desire to stop and pose for me! I'm trying to teach her how to say "cheese" and pose but its not really working! This is what I get!
Just a big open mouth! Oh goodness! But she sure is cute!
Mallory's vocabulary has vastly increased this past month! She can say/make the sound for about 30 words! She can even say a few sentences! Her sentences are: Where did it go/Where is it?, It stinks/I'm stinky, Daddy go work, I love you (kinda) and attempted prayers.
The words she can say are: momma, dadda, again, more, please, thank you, shh, NO, yes, eye, mouth, teeth, ear, hair, lips, toes, horse, cow, dog, cat, snake, bird, purple, orange, baby, hello, bye-bye, work, bob-bob, papa, nonna, grandma, Syd, Ken, Ry-Ry, Bent, Book, and more.
We love our little girl!!!

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