March 9, 2012

Piggies & Paws

So my friend Becky went to a Piggies & Paws party and made this super cute print!

A artist from this company comes to your house to host a party for you and your friends and their kids! She has over 200 designs for you to choose from and makes you a 8x10 matted picture to keep as a keepsake of your child's hand or foot print!
I am going to host a party at my house on Saturday, March 31st from 12 to 2pm. Each picture is around $25. There is no presentation or gimmick like there is at Jewelry/Candle parties! I'm not getting anything or trying to get anyone else to do it! The lady doesn't have a store so you have to do it at someones house and have a minimum of 4 pictures purchased! I am very excited! I think it will make a great framed picture for Mallory's room verses those heavy plaster prints! :) Hope everyone can come make a fun picture for either yourself or as a Mother's Day gift!

**Update** I just got Mallory's print back!! We love it!!!

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