March 11, 2012

Making a Chalkboard!

I saw this super cute idea on of a pregnant woman who decorated a chalkboard every week during her pregnancy! I loved the idea so much, I made one! A chalkboard of this size at Target is almost $300 and its an ugly black color!! I was able to make mine for $15 and choose a super cute color! I found a blank frame that used to hold a picture that my mom didn't want anymore, a piece of wood to fit the frame exactly from a cabinet store for $10, Martha Stewart Chalkboard Paint from Michael's for $3 and a paint brush to make a total of $15! Here's the picture of me painting the 2ND coat of Paint!

Here is the piece of wood after I decorated it but before I put it in the frame!

And just outside of the frame ready to be put in! Before I "Pledged" the frame!

And in the frame ready to go for the photo shoot!!

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