March 8, 2012

20 Months Old!

Our little Malsy Palsy is 20 months old! We had a physical check-up at Dr Jones this week and she is doing great! He said her head circumference is 18 2/4 inches. She is 31 inches tall which is in the 25 percentile and she weighs 22 pounds which is also in the 25 percentile! Mallory is not very big but she is growing at a good pace for herself!
Mallory is talking more and more everyday! She likes to make the sounds for dog, cat, cow, snake, horse and bird! She knows where her nose, ears, lips, eyes, hair, hands, feet, belly and bum is! She loves to "fly" with Daddy and loves to read with Mom!
Here is Mallory ready for church! Isn't she so cute?! Love her!!

Goals for the coming month: Get rid of the pacifier and sleep through the night!! My gosh!!

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