September 20, 2014

Colton turns 2!

Today is Colton's 2nd Birthday!!! I can't believe how fast those 2 years went!!
We love so many things about our Colty Bear! He loves to wrestle with Daddy, fly airplanes, ride in the jeep with sister, cuddle with mom, be sassy but be overly loving the next minute. Colton loves chasing Mallory and catching flies. Colton talks very well for his age. Some of my favorite things he says are, I don't wanna say prayers (because he knows its bedtime), I love you Daddy, I ride the jeep, Yes, I hold you (which means hold me), I want spicy (soda..oops) and ok buh bye see ya.
 Colton lights up any room, he's very out going. He will say hello including a wave to anyone and everyone. He makes fishy lips when he gives out kisses and he pats Mallory on the back and says, "Its ok Mallory" when she cries. He's a little wild and always on the go but we love him so much! 

We had a little party for Colton today. We hired Brandon from Wild Child Adventures to do balloon animals and a bubble show. Colton loves these things! He loved the party! He got a turtle, a sword, and a poodle. Mallory got a sword and a flower. Colty was too nervous to go inside the bubbles but Mallory did and had a blast! 
Loved watching Colton enjoy his day, especially his pizza and cake!!

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