September 26, 2014

Baby #3- 27 Weeks!

Baby #3 at 27 weeks!
We had our regular 4 week ultrasound with Dr Helm's office this week.
The baby is looking really good! He still has the 2 vessel cord but is growing correctly so everything is ok for now. His heartbeat today was 142 beats per minute and he currently weighs 2 pounds, 3 ounces. I like having these specialist appointments because you get to know so much more about your baby than you would going only to a regular OB.
We have the baby's name chosen now....Sawyer Lee Dockstader
My top pick is Jase Tanner Dockstader but call him "JT"
Dustin also liked Rafe but I feel it's too "unique" and different. I had never heard of the name Rafe but apparently it's Ben Afflick's character in the movie Pearl Harbor and Glenn Becks son's name.

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