September 16, 2013

Mallory Blood Work

So Mallory had some blood work done this weekend!
Mallory's birth father and his father have Sickle Cell Disease and we wanted to know if Mallory has it or if she is a carrier for it. It's been on my mind a lot lately since Earl's father recently passed away from the disease. One of the symptoms is lack of appetite. Mallory seriously never cares to eat. She never really has though.
 I've had different thoughts on it over the last 3 years.
 1. She is naturally tiny. Mallory's birth mom was only 113 pounds at 9 months pregnant! So I know Mallory isn't going to be big!! Ha.
2. Mallory was sick seriously every 2 weeks for the first 2 years of her life! I think she got use to not wanting to eat because her throat was so sore. She has been eating a lot better though since the surgery last summer!
3. She has texture issues. She prefers to drink than eat! She will drink fruit smoothies, milk, water, juice or yogurt, pretty much any time you ask her to. She has a harder time with "big bites"!
So anyway I was trying to get to the point that she doesn't eat much so I thought maybe she could possibly have the sickle cell disease.
Good news is Mallory DOES NOT have the disease!!! Yay!  
She does however have low iron. So Dr Jones said I need to try and get her to eat better over the next six months or he's going to have to put her on some iron pills!
We had a great rest of the weekend!
Mallory and Dustin camped out in the backyard. Mallory thought it was so fun!
Colton and I decided to sleep in my nice big cozy warm bed!
We went to church trying to listen to the lessons while chasing around the kids!
Love our little family!

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