September 18, 2013

Colton 1 Year Old Chalkboard

Can you believe this little Stud is 1 Year Old!!?!
Colton has been such a blessing in our lives!
He has been such a fun loving spirit in our home!
Colton's 1 Year Old stats:
- He currently weighs 21.5 pounds! He is a chunk!! I'm guessing mostly because he is willing to eat anything and I mean anything!
-Colt has 4 teeth!! He just got these! Perfect timing! Two on the very top (E&F) and two on the bottom (O&P)!
-Colt is 31 inches tall! This is just my measurement! He doesn't have his physical/shots until next month. Oops!
Colton's Loves:
-FOOD!! Colton will eat anything especially if you are eating it! Some of his favorites are avocados, bananas, peaches, chicken nuggets, yogurt drinks and olives.
-He loves to be outside! Any time Colton is having a hard time and I can't calm him down or just want to get his mind on something else, I take him outside. He loves to look up at the trees and we talk about the birds and swing on the swing with sister!
-He is finally liking Bath Time! He used to be nervous or something! Now Mallory and Colton get in the sink and play while I cook dinner or unload the dishwasher. It works out great!!
-Colton LOVES the Muffin Songs! Its a channel on YouTube. I found them and now I turn one of the songs on my Ipad while we drive so he won't cry in the car!! Yay!!!
-Colty loves to wrestle with Daddy and Mallory! He thinks it's soo fun to "attack" them!!!
-Colton is just a happy guy! He is always smiling. Hes so easy going. He lets Mallory be in charge! It's soo cute!

We sure do Love this little guy!! Excited to watch him continue to learn and grow! 

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