November 14, 2012

1st Dental Visit

Mallory had her first ever dental visit this week! Mallory did great for her first time! She let Dr Brent Powell (Pediatric Dentist) take a look in her mouth and "count" her teeth! She has 16 teeth and had no caries! Yay! Mallory will be getting 4 more molars before she is 3 years old! Mallory got a new pink toothbrush, a SpongeBob toothpaste, a pink balloon, a Tinkerbell sticker and a kitty book! Wow! I was too busy helping out little girl that I only managed to get a picture in the car after everything was done! Can't wait to take her back to my office to clean her teeth with "Mr Wiggles & Miss sprinkles"
 Here are a few random pictures from this week! Nonna was rocking baby Colton asleep for us but Mallory wanted Nonna to hold her so Nonna was nice enough to rock both kids!
 Mallory enjoying an ice-cream sundae! Isn't she a cute little thing!
 Momma attempted to straighten Malsys hair! Turned out a little wild! Poor girl!
 Walking around in Mommas shoes! Mimi Kim put Mallory's hair in pig tails!


Bettye Primm said...
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Bettye Primm said...

I always find it amazing when kids have wonderful experiences during their first visit to the dentist. And it seems like Mallory had a blast! Most kids her age would've probably freaked out when they find out that they're going to the dentist. I hope this means that her future visits won't be a problem as well. Thanks for sharing!

Bettye Primm @ Back Mountain Dental