June 13, 2012

Baby Dockstader will be named..

Picking out a baby name for a boy is HARD!! But, Dustin and I have finally come up with a name for our baby boy!! It took several list and conversations to get down to "the one"! I have several girl names I love but very few boy names! I feel boy names are either too popular(Liam), bible-ish(Matthew), too mixed gender(Riley) or girly(Tristian)! Also, we have a lot of Dockstader cousins with the names I love, like Carter, Grant, Greyson, Jacob and Caden.

Baby Dockstader will be named....COLTON! Yay!!
Colton means Cole's town which isn't very exciting but we weren't looking for a name with a very specific meaning. Colton was #74 in 2011 on the baby name list so not too popular but not so uncommon that you haven't heard it!

The middle name was easy because we wanted it to be the same as Dustin's and his dads!
Dustin's dad's name is Bryan David and then my husband is Dustin David so we wanted the baby to be something David.

I'm just excited to finally have a name picked out! We told Mallory the baby's name and she is very excited! I love listening to her attempt to say Colt! Mallory still loves to kiss my tummy! She does think there is a baby is Daddy's tummy too tho! ha. Yay!

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Austin and Kristen Bennion said...

I see the name Logan crossed out!!!! lol so exciting to have a final name! Love the name Colton (but I do like the name Logan too!)