November 14, 2011

Invetro Week Update!

We wanted to thank everyone for keeping our family for your thoughts, prayers and your Sunday fast his last weekend! We have been having a great week and have felt so much love from everyone over the last couple weeks!! We wanted to give our family and friends an update on our Invetro status! We went to Dr Sueldo today and he said my eggs were at 17 (not quite big enough) and we need them at 20 so the egg retrieval we be Thursday forsure! Which also means that the embryos will be transferred back in Sunday or Tuesday!! We are very excited and can not wait to find out if we will be blessed with a baby!! Yay! Here's a picture of a few of the needles I've used over the last couple of weeks in case anyone wanted to feel bad for me!! Haha! 4 special injections, 20 regular needles for the PM, and 15 needles that were added to a pen for the AM!

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Fisher Family Fun said...

Good luck! Richard and I were told that was not even an option for us! I am praying that you are blessed with a baby!