November 17, 2011

InVetro Day!

Today was InVetro Day! Dr. Sueldo said my eggs looked great, so we were ready to have them taken out! Dustin and I arrived at Community Hospital this morning, got all checked-in, got an IV put in and they took me back for the surgery! The Dr was able to get 15 "good" eggs out of the 27 they thought I had! So that's great! (Normal is between 10&20). Now we wait for the embryos to grow for 3 to 5 days! So either on Sunday or Tuesday, I will have them put back in to hopefully attach to my uterus! Then we will find out on December 1st if it worked!! We are so excited and are so grateful for everyone keeping us in your prayers!!! Here's a picture in case you wanted to see me with out my hair and makeup done!!

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Kacey said...

Ahhh you still look beautiful!! =)) Love you, thanks for all the help and advice you've given me!!