November 1, 2009


Every year (for the past 4 years), Dusty and I have gone to my Uncle Jarrods house to participate in his haunted house. Dustin loves it! Mostly because he gets to scare little kids! I like to go because I get to see all the little kids we know and see how cute they are! So the girls pass out candy and the boys scare the little kids and sometimes big kids!
Heres a picture of the group right before we started letting people thru the haunted house. :)

And this is Dusty & my Dad!

Hope everyone had a great holiday!


brittna said...

Fun! haha sorry - I deleted that one bc it was so dumb...haha.
But I miss you and I love you!!

Chris and Cortney Walker said...

Oh my gosh We were went through this niehborhood, We saw the house with Duncan and sw all the guys dressed up and Went totally around it because Duncan was freaking out... (ok I was too but I am a total scaredy cat!)It looked great though!

Mollybelle said...

hello cute girl!!!
yes yes yes!
Well it's extremely hard. But the website that offers them also gives you step by step instructions. Warning you now, don't start unless you have like an hour to do it. It really sucks. haha.
But its so cute, its worth it.