July 8, 2015

Mallory: 5 years old!

Today is Miss Mal Pals 5th birthday! Yay!! 
We love this sweet sweet girl!! She is such a great helper to me!! 
Mallory is 42 inches tall and 38 pounds!! She has 2 missing teeth and 3 permanent teeth growing in. She's ahead of the game on that! She loves to watch shows. She can turn Netflix on all by herself. She likes to watch Team Umizoomi, Bo on the Go & Barbie Dreamhouse. She still only eats the same few foods!! Mostly diary products. String cheese, Pediasure "Cow-Cow" chcolate milks, cheesy roll-ups from Taco Bell, grilled cheese, chicken nuggets and Hawaiian rolls! She enjoys playing outside, coloring, doing "stations" as she calls it, and playing with her brothers. She can count to 30, write her first & middle name, do flips on the trampoline, play t-ball, ride the barbie jeep, help do chores & dance at dance class! 
We love this sweet girl!!

Mallory lost another tooth the week after her birthday! She was so excited. She let me pull this one out!! Her idea!! Love my sweet sweet girl!!

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