December 3, 2014

Random December

Auntie Brooke watched the kids at her house while Dustin and I went to buy the Van! She text me this picture!! The kids are soo cute!!
Brooke took the kids to the park on the last day I had to work before maternity leave! 
Aly & went to get our toes done! So glad to have my friend back in town! 

Dustin's high school friend Josh came by to visit! So glad they have been friends for all these years! They sure do have fun together! 

Colty is so sweet! Just relaxing and coloring in his T-Shirt!
Mallory is so fun. She decorated her own "chalkboard" and then told me to take her picture. Colty saw baby Sawyers Santa vest and demanded to wear it. He's crazy but we love him!
Mallory got some "Frozen" things from Cousin Aleida as a Christmas gift. She loves them!
The kids used the box to be Box Trolls. They thought it was hilarious!
David Johansen & his fiance Angela & Ryan Orvis came to visit over the weekend.  They're so sweet! We are excited for their wedding in San Diego this summer!

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