June 18, 2014

2014 Summer Swim Lessons.

Mallory has taken a few swim lessons so far this summer. We tried Miss Margaret that a few friends recommended. She doesn't force children to swim which is way different than Mallory has been doing  over the last 2 summers. 
Mallory's biggest fears in the water is water in her face. She doesn't like to be wet. Even in general. She never gets her face wet in the bath and she has to change her shirt if she spills her drink on it. Miss Margaret has been teaching Mallory how to float on her back. This gets Mallory swimming but without getting her face wet. She seems to be liking it. She is still nervous Miss Margaret is going to put her under but she reassures her that she will not unless she tells Mallory. Mallory has also taken a liking to goggles and will blow bubbles if she wears them. Mallory has a strong kick and does swim good, she just doesn't like it.She is great at climbing out of the pool and using her hands to climb around the whole border of the pool. So I have mixed feelings about it. While I don't want to force her and make her scared, I also don't want to not give her lessons and for her to fall in and not know what to do. I know it only gets harder to teach them how to swim as she gets older. So far I feel her self confidence has grown and that's the most important. There have been no tears so far this year!

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