March 30, 2014

Pictures from this week!

I was able to parent aid in Mallory's preschool class this week. 
It happened to be her day to do sharing time. She brought her princess tiaras. Haha. 
This isn't surprising because Mallory loves everything girly! 
She did a great job talking in front of the other kids and telling them all about tiaras.

Mallory wants to have "Elsa" braids (from the movie Frozen) soooo bad but this poor girl has such short, super tight curly hair that it's nearly impossible. We did our best. Mallory loved it and that's all that counts. :)

Mallory is finally big enough to ride on the rides at Johns Incredible Pizza. Not all of them but 2 of the bigger rides. She was thrilled. She loved it! Loving watching my girl be so happy!

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Fisher Family Fun said...

Great pictures!! You could always go get some fake hair and braid it in with her hair and give her the long Elsa Braids she wants! Riley loves that movie, too!