February 14, 2014

All things Valentines Day!

Valentines Day morning the kids and I played!!

Daddy gave Mallory this sweet card. She was so excited to get something too!!
Daddy and Mallory dancing! Love them so much!!

And of course, our Valentine's Day Chalkboard!! 
The kids have got the picture thing down!!

We took another picture later in the week too!!
We went to the park across the street from our new house. The kids love this swing where they can ride together!

We also went to In and Out just the kids and I. 
Mallory ate great! Colton did too but that's no surprise!
The kids and I went to a Valentines Day story time too at our local library with Auntie Brooke and baby Cash but it wasn't that fun.. Plus Colton tripped and bit his lip. Oops!

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