August 19, 2013


Miss Mal Pal is going to Preschool this year!!
She is attending The Treehouse Preschool in Clovis.
I am so excited for her! She loves to learn! I know she will have a great time exploring new things a couple of mornings a week.
How cute is Mallory here?!
Walking up to the school! Her backpack is as big as she is! :(
(She insisted on My Little Pony! haha)

Inside the classroom, looking for her name!
Playing puzzles with mom before class starts! 
The Teacher: Mrs Haroldson! Mallory loves her!
When Mallory tries to say her name, it sounds like Mrs. Garrison. 
The second day of Preschool! Love my tiny girl! 

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Kacey said...

She is so cute! And it is so fun when they are old enough to start exciting!