May 1, 2012

18 week scare/check-up

This week I went to my normal OB 4 week check-up with Dr Mason! The medical assistant took my blood pressure and said it was normal and told me that I've only gained 1 pound in 4 weeks! Yay! Dr Mason came in and found the heartbeat really easy. He said the baby and I are doing great! He then proceeded to tell me about the results of my ultrasound that was done with the specialist Dr Helm. (I saw Dr. Helm because Dr. Mason considers me a high-risk patient because we conceived the baby through invetro-fertilization.)During the ultrasound at Dr. Helm's office, he noticed that our baby's umbilical cord was placed in a funny place. The normal placement for the umbilical cord is in the middle of the placenta and our baby's umbilical cord is placed on the outside of the placenta. The condition is called Velamentous Cord Insertion. In the beginning of your pregnancy the cord placement is not a problem but as the baby grows so does the cord. The cord will become too long and could cause a knot or could wrap around the baby’s neck causing the baby to stop breathing. Only 1% of women have this condition and 60% of that 1% were Invetro babies. If I had not gone to Dr. Helm where they have the special technology to detect this, I could have possibly delivered a still-born baby. Thank heavens we went!! So Dr Mason has a great treatment plan for us! I will start counting the baby's kicks and write them in a journal. He wants 10 kicks every 2 hours. I will also come in for a weekly visit starting at 24 weeks instead of staring at 32 weeks. I might have to possibly wear a monitor of sorts at some point. Dr Mason will also deliver our baby at 35 weeks via C-Section. Yay! That puts us delivering our baby sometime around August 30th! So all of this could be very scary but Dustin and I feel good knowing Dr Mason will be watching me and has a great game plan! The Lord has truly blessed us by finding out early! Heres my weekly board picture! I don't know why my boob looks white? Crazy camera!


Nicole said...

Crazy Stuff! I'm glad your doctor figured that all out :)I really LOVE LOVE your chalkboard, when I have another one...that might need to be a project you help me with...only problem is that I'll need you do do the cute updating, because mine wouldn't turn out that cute! :)

Allison said...

wow! so glad you found out early and can get good treatment! you look too cute! :)

Ashley and Tyson said...

Dr. Helm, he's an interesting guy!!! I saw him many times with Chloe's pregnancy. He's the best doctor in the central valley