July 31, 2011

Pre Disneyland

We are so EXCITED to be going to Disneyland!!! We are not going until Septmber when school is back in (less crowded) and the heat has calmed down but we are gearing up!! We ordered Mallory a few T-Shirts to wear while we are there! Here are 3 out of the 4! (One for everyday we are there! I know I'm a crazy mom but don't judge me!)

Here is a picture of the dress we are waiting for!
With a matching bow of course!


brittna said...

haha omg - yes you are crazy!

Becca said...

so cute, mal pal will be the cutest girl at disneyland!!

Ryan and Vanessa said...

Haha! I love it! I was noticing she had a few Disney tees in the pictures. Your such a cute mommy!