May 5, 2011


I started taking Mallory to Daycare today! :( I'm taking her 1 day a week for socialization and to give my mother-in-law a break! Plus, I need a place I can take Mallory when I have an emergency (IE...Kim gets sick or if I have a Dr appt)! She cried today (and I did too) but Stacey said she did pretty good for her first time! I actually feel really good about it! I know Stacey pretty well. She lives close to us, and after going over her Daycare plans, we can tell she has a very stretchered environment. I stayed with Mallory for an hour this morning and she didn't even realize I was there! She loved seeing the other 4 kids and all the new toys! I think its going to be a good thing! Here is Mallory right before we left this morning. There is always something in that girls mouth!

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