February 12, 2011

Its Official, I'm Official!

I am Officially a REGISTERED DENTAL ASSISTANT!! Aka..RDA! I was fortunate enough to do a 15 month work-experience program at my work with Dr Bogle! Instead of going to school for 10 months and spending $17,000, I stayed at work and Dr Bogle taught me for FREE!! I had to take 2 written exams, 3 hands-on with 5 patients and 1 practical exam on a typodont in San Francisco. It was a lot of hard work but I passed!! I am so excited that I am now a Licenced Dental Assistant!! Heres a picture of me with my letter from the state saying that I passed and that I am an RDA!!

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Bay said...

Congratulations Brittany! You are so awesome! And I love the pictures of Mallory in her cute pink puffy dress! You all look so cute and happy!