August 8, 2010

Mallory 1 month old!

Dustin & I took Mallory for her 1 month check-up! This was her first time seeing her pediatrician, Dr Jones! We were super excited to finally see the Dr of our choice! Dr. Jones said Mallory looked GREAT! She has no health issues besides her dry skin. Yay!! Here are her 1 month stats:
Weight: 8 lbs , 11 oz
Height: 20 2/4in
Percentile: 25%
We just love our little Mallory!! Isn't she so cute!

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Krewson Family said...

Dr. Jones=best doctor ever! He was my DR till I was 18 and seriously knows what he is talking about. I love him! and am grateful little mallory is under his watchful eye. She is beautiful and I love all the bows she has! Hope you are doing well!