May 10, 2010


Dustin and I decided to ADOPT, to build our family, in January of this year. We are very EXCITED! We signed up with LDS Family Services and started the background checks.
We decided to do this after 1 miscarriage, 2 false positive pregnancy test, 3 attempts of Artificial Insemination and almost 4 years of trying to have a baby. This included 12000 Metformin pills, 2100 Clomid pills, 120 Femara pills, 90 Bravelle shots, 45 Dr visits, the regular daily pills and tears for the last 4 years.
I feel a sense of peace. A sense of letting go, handing it over to the Lord. I feel a huge burden has lifted off my shoulders.
I have learned so much about myself and life over the past couple of years...
I can not control everything in my life, as much as I hate it. I have seen my true friends and people who love and care about me. I have a husband who is truly sensitive to my feelings and has been there for me. I can have a happy life with just my husband.
Its been rough...I mean really rough.
I don't talk about it because I can't.. I feel its way to personal to let the whole world know. To let the world know about this sensitive part of my life.But there are women out there struggling with the same thing.
I don't talk about it because everyone out there has something they are struggling with too. I could have it worse. I really could.
I came a cross this video called, "I would die for that" by kellie coffey. I love it!
Writing this now, I feel awkward. I hate putting myself out there. but oh well.
Check out my adoption blog, where I really put myself out there. ha


AngelaBeth said...

Britt your adoption blog is so perfect. You described yourselves/each other so perfectly. I can't wait for Heavenly Father to put a baby in your arms. Good luck with the watching and waiting process!

brittna said...

brittany i'm so happy for you guys - you definitely deserve a baby.

much love-


Chris and Cortney Walker said...

Thanks you so much for putting yourself out there Brittany! I loved you adoption blog and think you guys will be great parents! I will pray for someone to find you guys and for heavenly father to put a baby in your arms!

Becca said...

We're so happy for you guys. You know we are your biggest fans and support you 100% in all of your choices! We are so excited! Love you both.

KELLY said...

keeping you in my prayers. best of luck with the adoption!

---------andy&lauren---------- said...

hey girl i am so excited for you two!
i nannied for 2 adopted AND ADORABLE baby boys, for the Evenson's.
you should talk to Kristy, I'm sure she has tons of advice.
Adoption truly is a VERY SPECIAL thing and i hope everything works out for you two.
youre going to be such a great mommy! :)

Zanny said...

I am so happy for you and Dustin!! You're gunna make the best momma EVER! Miss you!

HiLL said...

Oh Brittany! I had no idea! But can I just say that I think it's great! I believe in adoption!!!! I'm so sorry for the pain and loss you must have been feeling! My mom & dad call me their miracle baby because they tried for 4 years, had 1 miscarriage, then had me! They kept trying and they couldn't get pregnant again. That's why I'm an only child. So I've heard my mom's pain and struggle, and I have many close friends who were adopted or gave a child up for adoption. It's a huge blessing for everyone involved. Good luck on your adoption journey! And don't ever give up! The Lord does know your heart and desires. He will bless you, I believe it!

All my love to you & Dustin! You will be wonderful parents! XOXOX