April 5, 2010


So a couple of weeks ago, while I was in New York, Dustin rebuilt our backyard fence. Our neighbor, Rick, came back and asked if he could have our old fence wood. We said Yes! That would be great to take the wood off our hands! Come to find out, Rick, builds bird houses for fun now that he is retired. He built one for us because we gave him the wood! I love love love it! It looks so great! I can't believe he's not professional!


BryceandBecca said...

That is so cute! Where are you gonna put it? Do you love working with the young women?

Brittany & Dustin said...

Oh my gosh! Thanks Rebecca! I'm going to put it on a stand in the backyard with bird seed!! I'm hoping to get a lot of little birdies!! Young Womens is fun! Its been really good so far!