February 25, 2010

Dr. Bogle's Office

I was looking through my posts and I noticed that I haven't really talked about my work. I do spend most of my day at the office so it only makes sense to mention it. Today is my 6 year anniversary here at Dr. Bogle's Office. I started babysitting for him when I was 12 years old. I started running errands for him after school at 16 and working in the office a little by filing and etc. After I graduated, I worked full time and have been doing that ever since. I'm doing accounts receivable and working on finishing my RDA license. Here's a few pictures of us!
Nichole, Jaclyn & I right before Jaclyn left for Maternity Leave!

This is Nichole and I more recently!

And then before when we both had blonde hair!!


Marshall and Staci said...

wow, that's kinda like my Lauren's story with Dr. Poulsen's office. happy anniversary.

Marshall and Staci said...

(I didn't mean "my Lauren". I was going to write "my sister, and then changed it. man, you don't take those 2 seconds of proof reading your comment and then you're typing all this to explain the tiny mistake. gosh.) :)