October 5, 2009


Babysitting..the story of my life!
My first time I ever went babysitting was 2 weeks after my 12th Birthday. I continued to babysit for the next 4 years practicly every Friday and Saturday. By this time I am 15/16 years old and am now "Nannying" ALL the time. I was working part-time and babysitting FULL-TIME!! I continued Nannying until I graduated high school and then went to straight working. I started "over-night weekend" babysitting at age 17 and have continued ever since to this very day! :)
I'm not complaing my any means, I just wanted to point it out! :)

Here are the adorable children that are mine for 10 days!


brittna said...

hey britt - what's your e-mail?

Harrison and Christine said...

Lucky girl, I love those kiddos!! where did mike and emily go??

Brittany and Dustin said...

Christine! Mike & Emily went to HAWAII!!