August 5, 2009

Bedroom Doors

We have these brown doors on all our bedrooms in the house and I finally replaced them! Ahh! Each door is $40 bucks so thats why it has taken me so long to do it! I have so many projects that I want to do and thats where ALL of our money has gone since! I think the doors have made a WORLD of DIFFERENCE!
And of course the before and after pictures!


Nicole said...

Dear Brit-
I love all the updates u post about your house! Seriously, you are too cute! I can't wait until I can be like you and have my own house to fix up, except I'm not as creative as you so you will just have to come over and help me :)

Nicole :)

Tyler and Whitney said...

Britt hey im soo proud of you.. i want to paint all these things in ours condo.. but we dont want to cause were just renting and wont be here for too much longer craziness. your too cute miss ya girl..

Lauren Green said...

What a difference!! It looks great :D

Ryan and Vanessa Wiltse said...

It looks so much better! Good call Britt! Its so fun to see all of your updates! Its so fun decorate and fix up your own place! I cant wait till we can do it too!Hope everything else is going great for you guys!