July 18, 2009

Vegas Baby

We are in Vegas for Dustin's Napa Group! Heres a few pictures from the week!
Ashlie & I stopped to take a picture as we walked into Cesars Palace

Me and Ashlie at the dinner table

Dustin and his Dad wearing their matching "Fresno Napa Group" Shirts!


Bryan and Sunny Tringali said...

Another great trip! I want to go there now, lol! Maybe one day when we find a baby-sitter for Eligh!

Cory and Megan said...

How fun! I want to go to vegas now :) I loove your hair too.

Stefanie Polifka said...

Britt! Your dress is so cute! Its been forever since I've seen you! hope you are doing well!! Your hair looks great!

Brittany and Dustin said...

Sunny! I'd love to watch Eligh anytime!
Thanks Megan! I remember when your hair was blonde! We traded!
Stefanie! I got that dress at Marshalls for like 12 dollars! I love it too! Thanks!

Bryan and Sunny Tringali said...

Brittany, I might keep that in mind, thank you so much!!