June 22, 2009

Fathers Day

This is for my wonderful Father on Fathers Day.
My siblings and I made a book for my Dad of all the things we love/admire/like about him along with a few pictures. Heres a few things I put about my Dad and about Dustin's Dad, David.

My dad is a great cook! I loved how every morning before seminary, my Dad would get up and have breakfast waiting for me. He always made things that I could take on the go. My favorite were those egg burritos!

My dad always shows respect to others but especially to my mother. He always stands by her and I respect him for that.

I admire my Dads willingness to help. My dad is also very detail oriented. He helped us a lot with the house and he did a great job! He always helps out even if he is tired from work.

My Father-in-law is also a hard worker! He's helped us move back and forth and remodel the house. He has never complained or said no, even if he was tired.
I love my Dad because he is willing to help build model airplanes with Dustin.

My Father-in-law also loves to build model airplanes with Dustin!
My Dad and David have always been there for me and Dustin.

I love my Dad very much and David too.

Happy Fathers Day!

Hopefully by this time next year, I may be able to say this to my own husband! :)

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