March 6, 2009

What do you mean we're still busy..

This week we were busy again! We went to our friends baby blessing! Little Sophie is so cute! What a fun time to share with Curtis and Courtney! I will put a picture of that cute girl up!

We went to dinner with Chad & Tiffany and Spencer while he was in town!
We finally got our Direct Tv installed and our Internet up and running!
I even managed to get Dustin new church clothes! He has been in need of new church clothes for a while now!
We were able to go see 1 week old puppies too! The lady we bought Addison from had another batch if puppies and so we decided to get another one! Addison is so good so I the only way I would get another one would be to get one from this same lady. There's something about her boxers! We get a new puppy at the end of April!

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