December 25, 2008

Oh its Christmas!

Merry Christmas! I hope everyone had a great day and a wonderful holiday season! We had a great Christmas this year! Dustin got me an iPhone! I was totally suprised and extremely happy! I love it! I got Dustin some new clothes and told him a little while ago he could order this gun he has been wanting. We got a camcorder from my parents that records onto mini DVDs. We love it! I also got some perfume and uggs from David and Kim and they gave Dust an army vest that he has been wanting. He looked so cute in it.! He was so thrilled, it was hullarious! I'll upload the pictures later! Merry Christmas!
Heres the picture of Dustin's Christmas Army Vest! He loves it so much!

Dustin got Addison a Christmas sweater. She loved it!

Oh and tomorrow is Dustin's 25th Birthday and I'm throwing him a suprise party! I'm so excited. :)


The Greens said...

Hi Brittany! I'm glad you found me! I don't know how to find people on this thing! And thank you! We are so excited for baby girl to get here =)

missbritt said...

Hi brittany - I'm glad you started a blog - i love blogs and blog stalking..ha ha. Well I'm glad you had a good christmas - and that's exciting about Brooke getting married! have a great day - Brittney